What Are the Signs of Water Roof Damage?

Sep 14, 2021


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September 14, 2021


May 10, 2024

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Your home’s roof is one of its most crucial features. After all, it provides security and shelter. Therefore, if you find yourself asking the question, “what are the signs of water roof damage?” it might be time to call a professional. They can make sure this vital facet of your dwelling remains intact.


Water Stains on Ceilings, Walls, and Siding

One of the telltale signs of water damage on your roof is water stains on your ceilings or walls. Usually, these spots are circular and grow over time due to the collection of water. When your roof sustains water damage, you’ll likely see these stains on your ceilings and walls.

However, they can also show up on your siding. This is because your home will begin to rot when your roof suffers from moisture buildup. If you start to notice stains extending from your walls and ceilings to your siding, it’s probably time to call a Viking Contractors LLC to get yourself the best quality
siding repair in the Twin Cities.


Signs of Sagging

Sagging is another strong indication that your roof has water damage. When enough water infiltrates the roof’s internal structure, your ceilings will start to sag. This kind of damage can be hard to see at first. Look very closely and don’t ignore subtle signs of sagging, as this could cause the ceiling to cave in on itself and collapse. If you notice even the slightest dip in your ceiling, it’s worth investigating.


Mold or Moss Growth

Of course, one of the more apparent signs of roof water damage is mold and moss growth. Mosses likely won’t have the proper conditions to grow inside your home. That said, it’s more than capable of growing in droves on your roof. Thus, if you’re starting to notice moss on your roof or around it, it could be a sign of moisture buildup.


However, mold can be much harder to snuff out if you’re not careful. One of the first signs that you might have a mold problem is the smell. The good news is that the dank smell of mold is incredibly distinct. Therefore, if you get even a whiff of it, you must have your roof, walls, and ceilings examined for spores. Mold will usually start growing on a water-damaged roof and continue until it invades the rest of your home. It’s crucial not to ignore this kind of damage. Otherwise, you could end up having an unhealthy living environment.



Leaking is one of the very last things your roof will do to communicate a moisture issue. When water builds up on your roof and causes breakage, it invades your ceilings and walls. And if there’s enough of it, it will drip through the structure of your home. Don’t wait to call for repairs when you have water dripping directly into your home from your roof.

Hopefully, our quick guide helps you to answer that nagging question, “what are the signs of roof water damage?” This way, you can confidently decide whether it’s time to call a contractor.

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