The Most Common Signs of Hail-Damaged Windows

Aug 25, 2021


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August 25, 2021


May 10, 2024

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Spotting hail damage on your home is relatively straightforward. After all, these flying hunks of ice can easily leave dents, cracks, and tears on anything they collide with, especially windows. So, whenever you find yourself evaluating the aftermath of a dicey hailstorm, it’s wise to look for the most common signs of hail-damaged windows. This way, you can make a proper assessment and proceed with fixing these vital features of your home.


Broken or Splintered Glass

Splintered glass or broken panes are among the most obvious indications that your windows have sustained damage from hail. If your windowpane has a conspicuous, round hole in it, it’s safe to assume the culprit is a small but mighty piece of ice colliding with your window.

Moreover, if you find splintering that spreads out from a central point in the glass, you’re probably looking at hail damage. Of course, if you notice severe damage like this, it’s always wise to call a professional at Viking Contractors LLC for the best new window installation in Minneapolis, MN.


Dimples or Tears in Window Screens

Two of the most common signs of hail-damaged windows are dimples and tears in your window screens. When you examine your screens, look for minor dents or punctures. Of course, these dimples will also have round shapes if the damage is due to hail. You’ll also want to investigate for any tears in your screens.


While it may be hard to imagine that little balls of ice can tear through durable screen material, it’s unwise to underestimate hail’s potential to be destructive. Hailstones are perfectly capable of ripping through your window screens and will do so if they have enough velocity behind them when they make an impact.


Dents in the Window Frames

As we’ve seen, hail can be pretty destructive. So, checking to see if there are any dents on your window frames is another excellent way to identify hail damage. Like other types of damage, hail dents on a window frame will also display round shapes.


Depending on the severity of the storm, you might have only one dent on your frame, or you could have several. Either way, if you observe indentations like this on your window frames, you’re likely looking at hail damage.


So, whether you experience a harsh storm of hail or just a light peppering, it’s crucial to check your windows and other parts of your home for hail damage. Fortunately, this type of damage is pretty easy to spot. So, the assessment and repair process can be painless too!

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