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Feb 3, 2023


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Minneapolis has the highest population among the cities in Minnesota, US. Besides, it has numerous firms that offer residential roofing services. So, finding the perfect fit for your roofing maintenance, repair, and replacement needs can be challenging.

However, we’re here to help. So read on as we go over the top ten roofing companies in Minneapolis and a guide on how to choose one.

10 Best Roofers in Minneapolis, Minnesota

You can get roofing services quotes from the following companies:

  • Viking Contractors LLC

Viking Contractors is a customer-oriented company with rich experience repairing damaged roofs and replacing them when necessary.

More so, its group of experts can get your roof back as soon as possible after hail and storm-related losses. Its full-service repairs are second to none in Minneapolis.

  • Precision Exteriors Restoration

You’ll find Precision Exteriors at Richfield. It provides roofing, damage restoration, and waterproofing services. Besides, it offers free consultation apart from its top-notch services.

  • Renewed Exterior Systems

Renewed Exterior offers roofing, siding, and decks & railing services. Moreover, it’s locally owned and operated, making it familiar with roofing systems in Minneapolis. Its location is at Louis Park.

  • Nelson’s Construction

Nelson’s Construction is a family-owned and operated company in Carver, Minneapolis. It’s a general contractor offering roofing, flooring, and decks & railing services. Besides, its 75 years of experience make it a tested and trusted agency.

  • Sure Contracting

Sure Contracting is highly recommended. It’s famous for its excellent services and impressive response rate. Thus, it’s worth your time.

  • Built By Wolf

Built By Wolf is a general contractor that has its base at Elko New Market. Its professional roofing services are comparable to the best in the industry.

  • RBS Residential Services

RBS is a family and locally-owned roofing services company in Farmington, Minneapolis. It’s a general contractor that also offers decks & railing services at affordable prices. 

  • The Caliber Group

This Carver-based roofer has a reputation for completing projects before deadlines. Besides, its licensed professionals have a friendly approach that welcomes customers. 

  • Johnson Milton L Roofing & Modelling

People in Minneapolis are aware of the customer-oriented services of Johnson Milton L. It specializes in general construction and roofing services. 

  • eRoof

eRoof has a team of certified professionals who are conversant with the latest trends in the industry. So, you can trust this locally-owned company to meet your roofing needs. Its online reviews are worth your consideration, too.

How to Choose Roofing Companies in Minneapolis

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The following tips will help you select the perfect company for your roofing needs in Minneapolis:

Read Online Reviews

The advantage of reading a company’s online reviews is that it guides your expectations. These reviews reveal the ability of a roofing services firm to satisfy your needs. For example, you’ll find constructive criticism and satisfactory comments on the company’s website.

Besides, you can find the remarks of unhappy customers. Your overview and assessment of these comments will give you a clue about the company’s service quality. Thus, it’s a great way to start your search for excellent roofing companies in Minneapolis.

Ask Your Friends and Family

Multiethnic Group Friends Working on choosing a Roofing Companies in Minneapolis through online reviews.

Online reviews are great. However, some corrupt companies hire people to give them positive feedback. Thus, you can only partially rely on them. Instead, you can seek your loved one’s opinion, especially if they live in Minneapolis.

Get Different Quotes

Variety is the spice of life is an adage that perfectly suits the roofing services industry. If you compare their services, you can only tell if you’ve found the right company.

So, it’s advisable that you find up to three roofing companies in Minneapolis and compare their price and deliverables.

Final Words

This article aims to simplify your search for top roofing companies in Minneapolis. And using our guide, you can make an informed decision in no time. So, there’s no point in wasting time anymore. Get your quotes today by contacting these professionals.

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