Hail Damage: Functional Vs. Cosmetic Damage

Nov 21, 2018


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November 21, 2018


February 20, 2023

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You may already have heard hail damage referred to as “functional” or “cosmetic.” The difference between the two can be critical for insurance purposes. Being able to identify the difference—or at least having a storm damage restoration expert who can—ensures getting the correct insurance payout.


Functional Vs. Cosmetic Hail Damage


Functional hail damage is the kind of damage that impairs the roof’s main purpose (that is, shedding snow and rainwater) or reduces its long-term service life. The kind of damage varies depending on the outer roofing material. Functionally damaged asphalt shingle roofs have a different set of criteria that defines functional damage, compared to, wood or tile roofs, for example.

Cosmetic hail damage, on the other hand, is basically the kind of damage that doesn’t affect roofing performance or service life. For instance, hail may hit a part of the roof and only cause minor granule loss, or dents in metal components such as gutters and vents. In most cases, what is considered as cosmetic hail damage doesn’t require
emergency roof restoration.


Insurance Purposes

The difference between functional and cosmetic damage can be a point of contention, especially since insurance companies may or may not pay for the latter. Certain conditions do require insurance payment such as when cosmetic damage can result in financial loss. For example, a hail-damaged curb-facing roof can make a hotel look less appealing, or the “loss” may be defined as a loss in value, like if the hail damage can diminish a home’s resale value.


In addition to providing an accurate quote of the repair costs, having a roof restoration expert helps identify the kind of damage that your property has sustained. This eliminates any guesswork and ensures that you will get your home put back to what it should be.

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