When Is It Time To Hire a Window Contractor?

May 24, 2021


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May 24, 2021


May 10, 2024

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Your windows aren’t just there to provide you with natural light and a pleasant view. They’re also there to protect your home against rain, snow, wind, critters and insects, intruders, and more. But if the windows are worn down, they might not be able to perform their job as well as they used to. This can lead to leaking, pest invasions, and rooms with temperatures that fluctuate at random. If your windows have reached the end of their lifespan, the best course of action is to call in an experienced window contractor to inspect and replace them with newer, sturdier versions. But
when is it time to hire a window contractor
? Here are some telltale signs.

The Temperature Is Out of Whack (and so are Your Bills)

Does your home feel swelteringly hot one day and then freezing cold the next? No matter how much you fiddle with the settings on your heating and cooling systems, nothing ever seems to change. Even worse—you just got your monthly utility bills in the mail, and they’re absurdly expensive. If this sounds like you, your windows could be the thing making you miserable. Old and damaged windows are notorious for letting outside air seep inside and inside air seep outside. This forces your heating and cooling systems to work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature, which results in higher energy bills.

They’re Falling Apart

When is it time to hire a window contractor?
If you avoid looking at your windows because their decrepit appearance is enough to make you shudder, you should contact one as soon as possible

if not for the sake of your home, then for the sake of your eyes. Windows that are rotting, shrunken, cracked, or leaking look unsightly and can lead to larger problems down the line, such as mold growth, water damage, and pest invasions.

Everything Is Loud

Have you noticed that the windows in your home are horrendous at soundproofing? As in, “I can hear the highway, the airport, and the train station from miles away” levels of bad? Most older windows are either single or double-paned. For reference, the more panes there are, the more protective and soundproofed the window is. A single or double-paned window will transfer sound vibrations from the street to your home—if a truck goes speeding by, it might even start to shake and rattle. Newer windows are built with a minimum of two panes and oftentimes more than that. If you’re tired of how loud your home is, getting brand-new windows can make a real difference.

If your windows need some serious TLC, Viking Contractors handles window repair and window installation in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Whether you need a simple fix or a full replacement, we’ll make sure your windows are in good condition and provide the protection and style your home needs. Contact us today!

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