What Are Different Types of Window Styles?

Jun 21, 2021


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June 21, 2021


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Is it time to say farewell to your ancient, worn-down windows and say hello to brand-new windows that reinvigorate your property? Picking new windows might seem easy until you realize just how many kinds of windows there are. Double-hung, casement, awning…how do you choose?

Luckily, you don’t have to settle on just one. Most homes feature a diverse mix of window types. But beware of going overboard—a unique style for every room might be a bit much. If you’re having a hard time choosing windows for your home, here are some types of window styles along with their advantages and downsides so that you can make an informed decision on one of the most important elements of your home.
What are the different types of window styles? Let’s find out.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are one of the most common types of window styles. The design features two sashes, better known as frames—one on the top and one on the bottom. These sashes move up and down, allowing you to open the upper and lower portions of the window freely. There are multiple benefits to double-hung windows. Here are just a few:

They’re widely available
They’re inexpensive
They’re easy to open and close
The tracks won’t fill up with dirt

Unfortunately, there are also a few cons to double-hung windows. These downsides include:

The frequent maintenance required on the springs and cords
The larger opening, which makes them a hazard to younger children and makes it easier for intruders to potentially break-in

Casement Windows

Casement windows are windows that you open by turning a crank. One side of the window is perpetually stationary, while the other side (usually the side opposite of the crank) slowly pivots open. Operation-wise, it’s a lot like opening a door. As with double-hung windows, casement windows have both pros and cons. The benefits of casement windows include:

Their ability to keep out drafts
Their efficient cooling
They’re more secure than other kinds of windows

The downsides, on the other hand, are:

Strong winds can easily break them
The cranking system, which is prone to failure

Awning Windows

You can’t talk about
the different types of window styles
without mentioning awning windows
Essentially, they’re a combination of double-hung and casement windows. Like casement windows, you open them by turning a crank. But instead of opening horizontally, they open vertically, the same way as double-hung windows. So, what are the benefits and downsides of awning windows? Here are the pros:

They’re secure
You can open them during rainy days without getting your floor (or furniture) sopping wet

And here are the cons:

They aren’t very effective at cooling the home on hot days
The mechanical cranks can wear down and fail

Slider Windows

Slider windows, as the name suggests, are windows that you manually slide open. Some slider windows can be opened from both sides, while other slider windows have one side that’s always stationary. The benefits of slider windows are:

They don’t have any cranks or other mechanisms, making them extremely durable
They’re one of the cheapest kinds of window styles

The downsides are:

There aren’t a lot of choices when it comes to size and shape
Tracks require frequent cleaning
They have an outdated style

If you need help with window installation in Minneapolis, Minnesota
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