The American dream is one of success, home ownership, and a strong family. It is a place your kids may grow up wanting to leave, but they will grow old wishing to come back to. At Viking Contractors,  we take it as an honor for you to place the responsible of the quality and care of your home in our hands.

It is your greatest investment and we don’t aim to put put cheap products that can leak, or any low quality materials that will threaten the longevity of it. We count our quality not in years but in decades. This is done by providing the highest quality of service, using the high  quality materials, installed by experts all while treating our customers with the utmost respect. 

Due to our strong belief in the commitment we have made to our customers, we have chiseled  10 values in the hearts of every team member in the company. Here is the list:

Whether you have signed a contract or not to buy our services, we treat you like a customer from the moment we speak.

Your home is your temple and we respect that. The purchasing experience with our company is very educational and consultative –  we don’t do hard sales or knock down doors to get your attention.
Vikings are fierce and we use our strength to get the job done fast, to fight for our customers with adjusters! But when it comes to serving our customers, we are respectful and courteous.
Our process, team and quality of work is designed to increase the value of every home we walk into. We do not take shortcuts or ever use less than quality materials just to get the job done faster or cheaper. 
We believe families are stronger when they make decisions together. Before we agree to start a project, we make sure every party within your family is present and is 100%  on the same page as us.
When we agree on a time line, we take it seriously and every team member of ours works together to meet the project deadlines.  You have the right to hold us accountable and if we are delayed for rare occasions, you will hear from us immediately.
Vikings are honorable people. We take your privacy seriously and do not disclose our contract details with any other third parties. Vikings never discriminate by the color of someone’s skin, race or ethnicity. We treat everyone as an extension of our family.

Your personal details are confined within the walls of our company. We make our living on by providing the best service to our customers not by being involved in short term profit activities. So we never have and never will sell customer data under any circumstance.

When you work with us, you are making an investment on your home. Therefore, if there is any issues, we will be there always to make it right. Not just at the time of job completion but until the entire life line of your home.
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