Tips to Prevent Roof Collapse Due to Snow

Oct 1, 2018


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October 1, 2018


February 20, 2023

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In general, snow shouldn’t pose a structural concern to code-compliant homes. However, seeing news about dozens of roofs collapsing due to snow and ice accumulation can be discerning.


So how much snow is too much for your roof? Any reliable
full service restoration company would say that there’s no straight answer to it. The magic number is at least 18 inches of snow on flat-roofed structures, but it’s more complicated than that. You also have to factor in roof’s shape, construction, maintenance and wind exposure among others.


Viking Contractors, LLC shares expert tips to prevent your roof from caving in due to snow-induced structural damage:


Look for Damaged Rafters


It’s easier to diagnose snow-related roof problems if you look indoors than visually evaluating your home from the street. Go to the attic, and watch out for ruined rafters. Noticeable bends don’t necessarily mean collapse is on the horizon, but it’s compelling evidence to call in a qualified professional to further investigate.


Watch Out for Jerky Doors and Windows


Just like sagging ceilings and cracked walls, experienced
restoration professionals will attest that jammed doors and windows are likewise indicative of a stressed roof. To prevent severe snow buildup from worsening the problem, allow someone with a trained eye to perform a thorough inspection.


Be Particular with the Kind of Snow


Fresh snow is lighter than wet snow. The former only weighs about three pounds a square foot, while the latter can be as heavy as 21 pounds. Ice is worse; it can easily wreak havoc with your home with its heft of 57 pounds per square foot.


Remove Excess Snow and Ice


Don’t attempt to remove any buildup of snow or ice unless you can keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. If you can reach the roof of your single-story home from the yard, make sure to rake only the surface. Trying to get rid of everything that might damage your shingles. Also, savvy providers of
emergency restoration services would advise you to pick a good landing spot to protect yourself or anyone nearby from snow avalanches.


Let Viking Contractors, LLC make sure your roof is strong enough to support the weight of mountains of snow, keep it leak-free, and inhibit ice damming. Call us at 612-567-5522, or
complete this form, to schedule your free inspection in St. Paul, Rochester, or any neighboring MN community.

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