The Dangers Trees Pose to Your Roof

Mar 30, 2021


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March 30, 2021


May 10, 2024

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The trees in your yard might look beautiful, but that doesn’t mean they’re harmless. Let’s learn more about the dangers that trees pose to your roof.

The Dangers Trees Pose to Your Roof

Trees, like most greenery, are a fantastic way to enhance the exterior of your home. They offer a vibrant, natural feel, along with shade and protection. When they’re not properly maintained, however, the beautiful trees in your yard can turn into a nightmare. It’s not uncommon for trees to inflict damage on a home’s roof after they rot or during inclement weather. This damage can range from clogged gutters to a massive hole in your roof that’s costly to repair. To minimize the damage that trees can do to your roof, it’s important to properly maintain them. To properly maintain the trees in your yard, you need to know what the most common types of damage they can cause are and how to prevent said damage from happening. Here are some of the dangers that trees pose to your roof.


Overhanging Branches

When a branch that’s hanging over your roof breaks and falls, it can cause many different types of damage. Overhanging branches can break during a strong gust of wind, during a snowstorm, or because the wood is rotten. A heavier branch can break your roof, while a smaller branch can cause scratches and cracks that lead to leaks. The easiest way to prevent overhanging branches from destroying your roof is to have them regularly trimmed. You should also call in a certified arborist to inspect your trees for signs of age, disease, or infestation.


Leaves and Needles

Leaves and needles are another example of the dangers that trees pose to your roof. The leaves and needles from your trees won’t cause any serious impact damage, but they can ruin your roof in other ways. These small pieces of debris can get trapped in your gutters, and they can also absorb large amounts of moisture. A clogged gutter can spill over, causing water to flow down the side of your home. Excess moisture on your roof from leaves and needles can contribute to mold, moss, or algae growth. These can discolor your roof and reduce its lifespan. So, how do you keep leaves and needles from clogging your gutters and causing roof damage? You clean your roof to prevent them from accumulating. You can also invest in gutter guards, which will keep them and other debris from piling up in your gutters.


Falling Trees

If an entire tree falls on your roof, it can cause serious damage. You might not be able to repair the damage that your roof sustains, and you may have to get a replacement instead. Falling trees can also pose a threat to anyone that’s nearby. To prevent them from falling on your roof, you’ll want to perform an annual self-inspection on the trees that are surrounding your home. Keep an eye out for trees that look like they’re dying, rotting, or infested. If you see a tree that doesn’t look stable, trust your gut and have it cut down.

While it’s important to maintain your trees to reduce the likelihood of them damaging your roof, there are some instances where tree damage is unavoidable. A strong storm, for example, can fell even the largest, healthiest tree. If you’re looking for reliable storm damage contractors in Minnesota, Viking Contractors can help. Our friendly, knowledgeable roofing contractors will make sure your roof receives the high-quality repairs that it needs. Contact us today for a free inspection and quote!

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