Are you searching for experienced and trusted siding contractors in the Twin Cities Metro area?

We offer professional siding installations and siding repairs throughout the Minnesota area at Viking Contractors. Your home’s siding is regularly exposed to a variety of damaging elements that leaves the exterior susceptible to serious complications—storms, hail, intense heat, extreme cold, as well as normal wear and tear cause damages that quickly escalate to larger problems if neglected. Vulnerable residential home siding affects the wall structure’s integrity, which allows moisture and unwanted pests into your home.

Signs That Your Home Needs New Siding Installation or Siding Repairs

  •  Mildew, Fungus, or Mold
  • Loose, Cracked, Chipped, Visible Holes, or Broken Siding
  • Warped or Rotted Siding
  • Exterior Paint Peeling or Discoloration
  • Stained or Peeling Internal Paint and Wallpaper
  • Experiencing High Energy Bills

Get A Free Roof Inspection

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Our siding repair experts in Minnesota have years of industry knowledge and will help evaluate your home’s specific needs to provide trusted solutions. We’ll perform a thorough inspection, suggest any recommended repairs, and tailor a proposal that fits your requirements.

Viking Contractors uses high-quality materials that combine beauty, design, flexibility, and durability. Whether you’re looking to refresh the appearance or replace defective siding—upgrading your exteriors will improve curb-appeal, reduce energy costs, provide protection, and increase the home’s value. Our siding professionals offer a full range of construction services, experience working with a wide variety of sidings, and styles to accommodate each of your needs.

New Siding Installation or Siding Repair Benefits

  • Provides Protection from Damaging Elements
  • Improves a Home’ Structural Integrity
  • Keeps Home Safe & Comfortable
  • Lower Maintenance Requirements
  • Increases Energy Efficiency
  • Enhances Curb & Exterior Appearance

At Viking Contractors, we have the siding repair solution in Minnesota that’s right for you! We provide superior siding installations and repairs the Twin Cities Metro area—we tailor every project to meet each client’s individual needs and customize it to fit the location’s specific requirements. Call our trusted contractors at (612) 267- 5522 today and schedule your free on-site evaluation!