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Hail & Storm Damage Repair

Viking Contractors LLC prides itself on outstanding quality and craftsmanship on residential roofs. We are the go-to full-service restoration company in the Twin Cities Metro area. Our storm damage contractors in Minneapolis, Minnesota, provide quality repairs for roof hail damage and other storm-related losses. We’ve cultivated an exceptional reputation in the community by putting our all into every roof repair contracting project. Our roofing service technicians go above and beyond to provide hail and storm roof damage restorations. Viking Contractors LLC promises impeccable workmanship, attention to detail, and gorgeous end results.

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Roof Hail Damage Experience

Don’t trust just any storm damage contractor in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with something as serious as roof repairs. You need a team that’s local to Minneapolis, with hands-on experience repairing local weather-related roofing issues. Roof hail damage, for example, can ding your gutters, punch holes in asphalt shingles, or crack wood shakes. A bad hail storm may puncture deep into your roofing materials, exposing you to potential problems such as roof leaks or drafts. Viking Contractors LLC has years of experience restoring storm-damaged roofs. Our expert roofing contractors know how to identify, evaluate, and repair roof hail damage so your roof looks – and works – like new again.

Storm Damage Repair Insurance Claims

Are you unsure about what it takes to file a roof hail damage insurance claim in Minnesota? Not to worry. Viking Contractors LLC has experience with the insurance claims process, making it easy on first-time claimants. We’ll provide you with the documents you need to connect directly with your homeowner’s insurance company. Then, we’ll communicate with your insurance claims adjuster to replace your roof. Contact our storm damage contractors in Minneapolis, Minnesota, if you notice your roof is leaking or peeling roof, even if you’re not sure it’s from a storm.

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