Roof Repairs: Common Issues, Their Fixes, and More

Jul 5, 2023


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Roof Repair


July 5, 2023


December 13, 2023

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Roof repairs come with the package of being a homeowner, and knowing how to deal with them can make all the difference. Some repairs are minor enough to fix without experience, while some require a professional visit from roofing contractors.

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about common roofing issues, including both major and minor roof repairs, how to fix them, and how much they’ll cost you. But if you need an emergency roof repair or an accurate price quote from a reliable contractor, get in touch with Viking Contractors now!


5 Common Roof Repairs and Their Price Ranges

Here’s a list of the most common roof repairs and how much they’ll cost you:

1. Leaky Roof

Having a roof leak is common, and most of the time, it calls for a roof inspection by a professional roofing company. While fixing a leak is pretty straightforward, finding its source is a tall order, especially if you’re inexperienced. In most cases, it’s better to leave it to the professionals.

Neighbors have a water leak, water-damaged ceiling, close-up of a stain on the ceiling


  • Faulty roof installation
  • Broken roofing materials as a result of harsh weather conditions or physical accidents
  • Poor plumbing
  • Blocked gutters as a result of ditching regular maintenance
  • Separated, missing, or damaged shingles


  • Sealing gaps and cracks
  • Reattaching shingles
  • Replacing broken materials
  • Replacing roof substrate
  • Unclogging gutters


The exact price of a roof leak repair depends on how large the roof is, how extensive the damage is, and the cost of labor where you live. However, the average range is from $200 to $500.

2. Damaged Roof Flashing

A roof flashing is a thin layer of material, typically metal, laid under the shingles to prevent roof leaks. If damaged or installed improperly, it can cause your roofing materials and asphalt shingles to suffer extensive water damage and eventually rot.


  • Bending of the flashing material as a result of old age or rust
  • Harsh weather conditions
  • Incomplete adherence of the flashing to the mounting surface
  • Dents on the flashing’s surface due to heavy foot traffic on the roof


  • Sealing separated joints using caulk
  • Patching holes and cracks using cement
  • Replacing the entire metal roof flashing


The average cost of replacing a roof flashing is about $400 to 1,000, but you’ll pay much less if you only want to repair it. Sealing joints and patching holes won’t cost you more than $150 to 300.

3. Damaged Shingles

Roof shingles are exposed to the natural elements 24/7, making them susceptible to damage, especially in areas with harsh weather conditions. If left untreated for a long time, damaged shingles can lead to a leaking roof and extensive damage to the entire structure.

A close up view of shingles a roof damage. Roof Shingles - Roof repairs.


  • Blistering from constant exposure to heat and poor ventilation
  • Cracking because of changes in temperatures that cause expanding and contracting
  • Losing granules as a result of age
  • Lifting or curling
  • Shrinking as a result of withering materials


  • Patching cracks using sealant
  • Replacing damaged or missing shingles
  • Flattening lifted shingles using cement


The final price depends on the type and extent of the damage, but you should expect to pay about $5 to $10 per square meter.

4. Improperly Working Gutters

Roof gutters are responsible for draining the water from your roof, preventing water damage and rust in the long run. While they’re susceptible to many issues, like blocking, most of them have easy and quick fixes.


  • Blockages from fallen tree leaves and twigs
  • Sagging because of improperly installed support brackets
  • Rusting as a result of constant exposure to water
  • Leakages as a result of cracks and gaps


  • Cleaning the gutters to remove accumulated leaves and twigs
  • Cleaning rusty parts and repainting them
  • Adding or fixing gutter support brackets
  • Sealing cracks and gaps
  • Replacing all the roof gutters if the damage is extensive


The average roof repair cost here is $140 to $600, but it might vary according to the type of damage you want to fix.

5. Inadequate Ventilation

Unhappy exhausted and overheated young African woman lying on sofa at home waving fan to cool down, black female having hot flashes, feeling hot during heatwave in apartment without air conditioning

If your place isn’t properly ventilated, your roof will suffer much damage throughout the years. For instance, the roofing materials might deteriorate because of constant exposure to humidity and heat. Also, discoloration of the roof, mold growth in your rooms, and curled roof shingles might occur. In most cases, you’ll need an expert roofing contractor to locate the damage and fix it.


  • Blocked air vents
  • Improperly installed ventilation system


  • Clearing the airflow inside the vents
  • Installing a new functional ventilation system
  • Boosting natural ventilation by opening windows and doors


If you need to replace your roof vents, you might pay from $200 to $600, depending on the size of your roof and the number of vents. However, if you need to install an entirely new system, the roof repair costs may jump up to $900.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I Need a Roof Replacement?

Roofs normally need replacing after 15-20 years of service, so you should assess your roof’s condition after it reaches this age. That said, some extensive issues like water damage and rust might call for an earlier replacement, so it’s always best to consult a professional roofing contractor.

Are Flat or Sloped Roofs More Susceptible to Damage?

Flat roofs are more susceptible to damage because they have poorer drainage. They’re generally more likely to suffer from ponding water, accumulating dirt, and blocked drains, which can shorten a roof’s life drastically.


To Wrap Up

Roof repairs are a staple in every house, but you can easily overcome them if you’re educated enough. The most common issues you’ll face are leakages, blocked gutters, damaged flashing or shingles, and poor ventilation. Some of them have easy fixes that you can attempt at home, but others might call for a professional consult and a roof replacement.

If you need a professional roof inspection, you can get an online quote from us today!

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