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Jan 26, 2023


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January 26, 2023


December 8, 2023

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The roof isn’t just the final touch on your house; it also protects and maintains a solid structure of your living space. To perform its function as well as possible, the roof must be in good condition. Speaking of that, when was the last time you had a free roof inspection?

A roof inspection is about checking shingles and the drainage system. But it also includes looking for potential problems in roofing construction, sidings, openings, and any part of your house that a storm or heavy rainfall could hit.

When Is It Time for a Roof Inspection?

At first sight, it may seem that everything is fine with your roof. But the naked eye and lack of roofing knowledge may mislead you. So you need someone knowledgeable and seasoned to give you peace of mind. And you’ll get that with a regular roof inspection at least once a year.

Calling expert inspectors after heavy rainfall or storms is also highly desirable. You might suspect leaks, shingle issues, or anything that can cause even more damage to your home. Let professionals confirm or refute your doubts.

Roof with hail damage and markings from free roof inspection

You can also inspect your roof before buying a house. That way, you’ll know whether it needs repairs or replacement, which eventually leads to further costs. Any potential roofing issues, for instance, roof blisters, can help you negotiate a lower house price, providing you can make it a good deal.

Lastly, some insurance companies require roof inspection to provide you with homeowners insurance estimates. That’ll likely happen if your house is old or you live in a stormy area. 

Advantages of a Free Roof Inspection

Your roof is a significant investment, and an occasional inspection will help you extend its lifetime. But the list of benefits doesn’t end there. Here’s how regular checks on your roof can benefit you:

  • Professionals get you covered, as they can spot internal damage and hidden problems.
  • Experts performing free roof inspections know where to look for hidden leaks, which can be particularly harmful to your house and health.
  • Timely problem spotting allows you to act preventively and save money on costly repairs or eventually plan your budget if fixes are necessary.
  • You can simplify insurance claims after suffering hail or storm damage, as roof experts provide you with a detailed report to support your claims.
  • Regular roof checks ensure your house is functional and safe since prompt detection and reaction can prevent problems like moisture, mold, or bacteria development in your living space.

To Sum Up

You can never be too cautious, especially when it’s a matter of the roof over your head. And doing regular and preventive checks can save you from many troubles.

So, schedule your free roof inspection today and ensure the utmost safety for you and your family.

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