Protecting Your Replacement Windows from Hail Damage

Mar 29, 2019


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March 29, 2019


October 11, 2023

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Just like the roof and siding of your home, your windows are also susceptible to storm damage, particularly from hail. Regardless of size and density, storms can damage windows to the point of needing to replace them.


Storm damage window restoration, however, can be made easier thanks to quality replacement windows. Unlike new construction windows that are directly installed on a house’s framing, replacement windows are retrofitted to an old window’s opening, thereby making installations faster and more cost-effective.


Replacement windows give a host of benefits to homeowners. They are relatively maintenance-free compared to new construction windows, have unique features such as a two- or three-glass panes and come in contemporary designs. What’s more, they’re cheaper to replace when storms damage them.


To help extend your replacement window’s life and protect it from hail damage, here are a few tips from
storm damage restoration experts:


Use Window Shutters


Although window shutters will significantly affect how your windows look, they are useful in protecting them from hail damage. Permanent or temporary storm shutter systems prevent hail and debris from hitting and breaking your glass windows.


Cut Nearby Trees or Shrubs


Sometimes, hail won’t be the one breaking your windows; tree branches hit by storms will do so. Look for overhanging trees or shrubs that appear very close to your home and windows. Then, cut or trim their branches.


Use Alternate Covers


If you don’t have window shutters, you can use other items such as comforters and soft blankets to cover your windows. Be careful not to place these items outside your windows when the hail starts pouring.


To get the best window and siding services, including
storm damage siding restoration, please call Viking Contractors, LLC at 612-567-5522. We restore roofs, windows and siding. We cater to residents in Duluth and St. Paul, MN, as well as homeowners in neighboring communities.

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