Most Common Types of Roof Damage and Their Causes

Sep 22, 2021


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September 22, 2021


September 1, 2022

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Maintaining your roof is vital to the health of your home. Check out the common types of roof damage and their causes, so you can catch the big issues early.

Keeping your roof sturdy and fully intact is an essential aspect of a secure and stable home. But with so many different kinds of damage to look out for, it’s not always easy to know exactly what the problem is. Take a moment to read about the most common types of roof damage and their causes so that you can feel confident and prepared when it’s time to examine this critical structure of your home.

Moisture Damage

Damage from moisture is widespread, especially when it comes to roofs. This really shouldn’t be a surprise, as our roofs take constant hits from wind, rain, and large quantities of snow and ice. But it isn’t just inclement weather that can cause damages like this. Poorly ventilated attics, failing sealants, and improper roofing installation can also contribute to severe moisture damage on your roof.

Additionally, ignoring moisture damage leads to a host of other issues, such as accelerated decay, structure rot, and mold growth. For this reason, it’s wise to have a roof inspection done by a professional so that you can circumvent these problems.

Cracks and Punctures

One of the first signs that a roof is going bad is damages like punctures and cracks. And believe it or not, it’s often something as seemingly average as a light hailstorm that can inflict this type of damage on your shingles. Indeed, these damages may seem minor, but if they don’t undergo proper repair, they can lead to severe instability and other complications that wreak havoc on your home. So, if you find cracks or punctures on your roof, don’t wait to get them fixed. Call one of our expert hail damage roofing contractors and get your roof back in order.

Structural Damage

Structural damage on your roof is a serious problem and is more common than you might suspect. Essentially, when the supporting areas of a roof start to sway, shift, or fail, it’s a strong indication that you need a complete roof replacement soon. There are many reasons for this kind of damage to occur, and sometimes, it’s as simple as the roof outliving its usefulness.

Other times, these issues could be due to moisture damage or sagging from compacted snow and ice. No matter what the cause is, structural damage to your roof compromises the stability of your entire home. So, if you see any signs that you might have structural roof damage, schedule a proper inspection and repair quickly.

Worn-Down Roofing and Damaged Shingles

Worn-down roofing and damaged shingles are other common types of roof damage. These kinds of damages might seem inconsequential. However, if left alone, these problems can result in much more significant complications down the line.

Most of the time, worn roofing and damaged shingles result from normal wear, age, and harsh weather. So, it’s crucial to maintain and examine your roof regularly for any signs of damage. This way, if there is an issue, you can catch it early and fix it promptly.

Evaluating what kind of damage your roof might be suffering from is no easy task. But hopefully, with this guide on the most common types of roof damage and their causes, you can get a better idea of what issues your roof has and why.

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