Inspecting Non-Roofing Parts of Your Home for Hail Damage

Nov 29, 2018


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November 29, 2018


May 10, 2024

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Hail damage inspections tend to focus on the roof, but it’s not the only part of your home that can sustain hail damage. Other parts may also require
storm damage restoration and may also be covered by your insurance. Viking Contractors, LLC takes a look at the parts of your exterior that you should inspect for hail damage.




While wood fencing might withstand impact damage, you should nevertheless inspect it for impairment. The outer protective coating can get stripped and can appear as splatters. These may not look like much, but they expose the bare wood to the elements. The bare wood can absorb moisture from the elements, which can later lead to rot. The same goes for metal fences, as the bare metal can rust if not addressed immediately.




Hail damage looks different depending on the kind of siding you have. Aluminum siding is most vulnerable to impact damage, which results in severe indentations that may require
storm damage siding restoration. Other types like vinyl or composite siding may end up getting chipped or with large parts of the outer coating removed.


While vinyl and composite are not as vulnerable to moisture intrusion as other siding materials, the damage looks obvious. If this happens to properties like hotels or historic landmarks, the insurance provider may cover what is often considered as “cosmetic” damage.


HVAC Units


Whether you have a window-mounted or a split-type HVAC unit, part of it is going to be situated outside your home, and will, therefore, be vulnerable to hailstones. The condenser unit—the enclosure that houses the compressor and usually sits outdoors—is surrounded by thin aluminum fins that help radiate heat. Soft hail will leave spatter marks, while hard hailstones will cause serious dents. In addition to clogging these areas, the sudden infusion of moisture from hail can make the dirt near the condenser coils to clump, which can affect the unit’s efficiency.


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