How To Protect Your Roof From Hail

May 6, 2021


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May 6, 2021


May 10, 2024

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Roofing protects your home from the elements, but when it’s covered in cracks, dents, and other forms of damage, it’ll have a hard time doing its job. Securing your roof against extreme weather like thunderstorms, snowstorms, and hail is important if you want to avoid the cost and time commitment of repairs. Here’s
how to protect your roof from hail
, so you can prevent all sorts of damage.

Why It’s Important To Protect Against Hail

Hailstorms can leave dents, cracks, and holes in your roof, which can result in a wide range of serious issues: leaking, mold, pests, and more. If you ignore the damage hail causes to your roof, it will get more expensive to repair over time. Taking preventative measures and handling necessary repairs early on can save you both time and money in the long run.

Get Hail and Wind-Resistant Roofing Products

If you must repair or replace a damaged roof, consider investing in high-quality protective materials. Certain shingles can withstand not just the wind, but the impact of hailstones. These shingles can be made from plastic, resin, copper, and aluminum. For the highest resistance to hail, you’ll want to look at products with a Class 4 rating, which can handle winds of up to 110 miles per hour. Of course, these products can get expensive. Modified asphalt shingles make for an effective, but affordable alternative.

Trim Overhanging Trees

way to protect your roof from hail
is to trim or remove overhanging branches. During a powerful, windy storm, limbs from nearby trees can detach and fall on your roof. Limbs thicker than your forearm pose a serious risk to your home. To prevent tree-related damage, it’s best to trim or cut off any branches hanging over the roof. You should also remove any old, rotting trees from your property. If a single tree limb can crack and dent your roof, imagine what a whole tree could do!

If you’re looking to prevent damage from hailstorms or fix existing damage to your roof, it’s best to call a reliable, knowledgeable contractor. When you’re working with a professional residential roofing company
, your roof is in good hands. Viking Contractors can assist you with inspections, preventative measures, repairs, roof replacements, and more.

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