How To Handle Storm Damaged Siding

May 20, 2021


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May 20, 2021


May 10, 2024

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Your home isn’t impervious—especially against powerful, raging storms. Storms can damage practically every part of the exterior, including the siding. In the wake of a heavy storm, you should take a walk around your property to check for damage to the siding and the rest of your home. If you’re wondering
how to handle storm damaged siding
, read on.

What To Look For

A storm can damage your siding in a variety of ways. The siding might develop cracks, chips, and holes. The kind of siding you have tends to play the biggest role in the type of damage it sustains. If you have vinyl siding, expect to see splits, cracks, chips, breaks, and holes after a particularly powerful storm. This is because vinyl siding proves somewhat frail compared to other types, making it more susceptible to wind and hail damage. Siding made from aluminum or wood, on the other hand, is stronger. Hailstones can still cause minor indentations in the material, however, and if the wind is strong enough, it can even peel pieces of siding off the wall.

Check With Your Insurance Agent

The first thing you should do after identifying any form of storm damage is document it in pictures and in writing. Then, contact your insurance agent. If you have homeowner’s insurance, you’ll likely receive coverage for the cost of the repairs. Worried that a claim will raise your insurance premiums? Don’t be. Since insurance companies consider high wind damage an “Act of God,” they can’t raise your premiums based on a claim.

Repair vs. Replace

The next tip on
how to handle storm damaged siding
is to decide whether your siding needs repair or replacement. Most people opt for lookalike siding to replace the damaged sections. However, tracking down brand-new siding that matches the color, style, and material of the existing siding can prove challenging. If you’re having trouble finding a convincing match, your insurance may cover the cost of replacing all the siding instead.

If you need siding repair in the Twin Cities
, contact Viking Contractors today for a free quote and inspection. We’ll replace any damaged siding to preserve your home’s structural integrity and curb appeal.

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