How To Find Storm Damage Contractors in Minnesota

May 10, 2021


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May 10, 2021


February 20, 2023

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There’s nothing worse than heading outside after a storm just to realize the exterior of your home is in complete disarray. The roof is missing shingles, the windowpanes have shattered into a million pieces, and the siding is split, cracked, or chipped beyond recognition. The first thing you should do is document the damage and file an insurance claim. The second thing you should do is start searching for local storm damage contractors. If you’re wondering
how to find storm damage contractors in Minnesota,
let’s take a look at some handy methods you can use to search for leads.

Ask Your Neighbors, Friends, and Family

If your home was damaged by the most recent storm, chances are so were some of the other homes in your neighborhood. It doesn’t hurt to ask your neighbors what business they’re using to handle repairs on their homes. You can also ask your friends and family members for recommendations if they’re located in the area. If you’re noticing one name come up more often than the rest, it’s safe to say that they’re a reputable and trusted business.

Scour the Internet

The internet is one of the best
places to find storm damage contractors in Minnesota.
You can find a comprehensive list of businesses in your area with a couple of taps on the keyboard and a click of your mouse. You’ll also have access to company websites and customer reviews. These additional resources will help you separate the reputable and knowledgeable contractors from the not-so-good ones.

Skim Through the Yellow Pages

Most people use the internet to conduct research, but there are still plenty of people who prefer to search for things the old-fashioned way. If you’re one of these people, printed directories are fantastic resources. However, you can also access the yellow pages online. The online version of the yellow pages will provide you with information such as the name, location, hours, contact information, and reviews of local storm damage contractors, making it a comprehensive and useful alternative to Google.

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