How Improper Installation Causes Storm-Damaged Roofs

Aug 6, 2018


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August 6, 2018


May 10, 2024

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Spotting shoddy workmanship by your contractor is never a pleasant experience, especially if the project was completed years ago and you’re now left with a leaking roof. Even the sturdiest roof can’t perform at an optimal level if not installed properly. Which brings us to ask whether the damage is proportional to the intensity of the storm, or whether the damage is due to improper installation. For reference, a roof that has been properly installed is:


Visually Pleasant


The roof should remain intact no matter how long it has been since the completion of the project. Except for the ravages brought on by extreme weather that necessitate
storm damage roof repair, there should be no shingles missing and no staining. All sections of the roof should be of a uniform material. Not only does uniformity look good, but it also ensures the roof will wear evenly on all sides.


Structurally Sound

Hardware such as flashing and the type of nails used should be appropriately chosen and utilized. Compatibility has to be checked especially since hardware that works best with different roof materials vary. The performance of a roof depends largely on its structural integrity.


In Summary

The absence of these two main features is an indication that installation was not properly done and might be the exact reason your roof is barely holding up against severe storms and high winds. It might also be the perfect time to call another
storm damage restoration contractor. Note that proper installation can only be carried out by a qualified and competent contractor – a team of trained professionals capable of executing and properly documenting thorough and on-point inspections.

No matter how many times a roof is replaced, if not installed properly, it will only incur high costs in the long run. In the same way that an umbrella can’t keep you dry unless it’s open, the sturdiest roof made out of the best weather-resistant material will still get storm-damaged if installed improperly.

Ready for a proper roof installation? Looking for a
storm damage siding repair service, as well? Contact Viking Contractors, LLC at (612) 567-5522. We are a full service restoration company based in Minneapolis, MN, and we serve nearby areas, including St. Paul, MN.

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