How Does Hail Damage Your Home?

Jun 15, 2021


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June 15, 2021


May 10, 2024

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At first glance, small hailstones might not seem like much of a threat to your home. They’re only the size of a dime, after all, and if you threw an actual dime at your home, not much would happen. But the combination of solid ice and high speeds can cause more mayhem than you’d expect. How does hail damage your home, exactly? Here’s how hail can leave your home in shambles.

Pummel the Siding

Regardless of the kind of siding you have, a hailstorm can do quite the number on it. Hail damage to siding is often subtle. The damage normally takes the form of small, discolored indentations, although particularly strong storms can even pierce through the siding and leave holes.

This kind of damage is mainly cosmetic, but it also compromises the strength of the siding. If you don’t address the damage, it can lead to moisture damage, pest infestations, and other problems in the imminent future.

Shatter Your Windows

A hailstorm might not seem like a big deal. You’re hanging out on your couch, waiting for the storm to subside… when suddenly, a hailstone comes crashing through your window. Now it’s a big deal. The most obvious way hail can damage your windows is by shattering the panes, but hailstones can also dent or crack window frames or fracture the panes without completely shattering them.

A damaged window isn’t much of a window at all. It invites water, insects, and critters inside, and it won’t do a very good job at soundproofing or insulating. Damaged frames come with similar consequences.

Destroy Your Roof

The next way that hail damages your home is by destroying the roof. Your roof is resilient, but a speedy and well-aimed hailstone can break its defenses in a matter of seconds. Hail can dent, bend, or fell gutters and downspouts; depress and crack roofing materials; lead to granule loss in asphalt shingles; and split wood shingles.

Of all the damage hail can do to your home, roof damage is the hardest to detect. You might be able to identify some forms of roof damage from ground level, such as missing shingles or bent gutters, but most damage is unnoticeable until you climb a ladder, hoist yourself onto the roof, and look around.

A roof with missing shingles, dents, or deep cracks will let moisture and other unwanted things into your home, so make sure to repair the damage as soon as possible.

Has a recent hailstorm damaged your roof, windows, or shingles? If you need storm damage roof repair
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