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Apr 27, 2021


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April 27, 2021


May 10, 2024

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In the wake of a powerful storm, you may discover damage to your home’s exterior. This damage can range from cracked roofing, battered siding, and even smashed-in windows. Most people are aware they can make an insurance claim on larger parts of their home, such as the roof, but may not realize that home insurance will also typically cover windows that were damaged by hail and wind. If your windows have been damaged by the latest storm, here are some tips for handling storm-damaged windows.


Identify the Damage


Damage to your windows can come in many shapes and forms. The easiest type of damage to spot is shattered or broken glass panes, but you may have other types of damage, such as broken, dented, and torn screens, damaged and dented frames, and dented flashing.

Before you touch anything, you’ll want to use a camera to document the damage. Take pictures from as many angles as you can. It may also help to write down detailed notes. You’ll need this documentation when you submit your insurance claim.


Work With Your Insurance Agent


The next step in handling storm-damaged windows is to report the damage to your insurance company as soon as possible. They’ll assign an agent to review your case. In the case of home damage, they’ll also help you arrange an appointment with an adjuster. The role of the adjuster is to assess the severity and extent of the damage. Before they arrive, you should gather estimates from a few different contractors. This way, you’ll have a professional benchmark for the total repair cost.


Find a Trusted Window Contractor


Contractors aren’t just the ones who’ll give you cost estimates to present to the adjuster. They’re also the ones tasked with repairing your windows once the insurance claim is approved. In most cases, your insurance will cover every aspect of the repair apart from the deductible. This means that cost shouldn’t be a huge factor in your final decision. It’s important to pick a contractor that has a reputation for being trustworthy and providing top-quality service.


If you’re in need of
window repair in Minnesota, Viking Contractors can help. We’ll ensure your storm- damaged windows are replaced with ones that are both stylish and durable. Contact us today for a free inspection or quote!

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