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When it comes to restoring the damage caused by heavy storms and hail to your property in Edina, MN, you’ll need a company that has years of experience in preventing leaks, structural damage, rot, and mold. As your trusted storm damage professionals, Viking Contractors, LLC specializes in roofwindow, and siding restorations so your property gets back to its original glory and you can return to your daily routines as quickly as possible.


Roof Repair and Replacements

Any type of stormy weather such as wind, rain, hail, snow, or even very cold or hot temperatures can potentially harm your roof. Regardless of whether your home is recently built or several decades old, if the weather is bad, your roof might need repairs and you’ll need to act quickly after a storm to organize fixes on your home. A storm may lead to unsecured or loose roofing tiles or shingles sliding off, which need to be repaired at the earliest opportunity. We will make sure that repairs are professionally performed as fast as possible. To make things even easier for you, we can offer claims and reports for your insurance company. This will speed up the procedure and make sure all the information is documented properly. We also provide a complimentary roof replacement inspections to assess the state of your roof and home without any cost to you.

Window Replacement Services

There are many reasons to replace a window and we are fully equipped to handle them all. Our window replacement services extend beyond just refitting a window, but we also work with you to choose the design and materials that best suit your style and budget. We work 24/7 to minimize the inconvenience caused by damaged windows, such as drafts, energy loss, and safety concerns.

Siding Repair and Replacement Services

Siding supplies a protective barrier for your house against the elements, as well as against mishaps, pets and unwanted agents, such as bacteria and mold. As such, any damage it sustains will significantly compromise these important functions. Fortunately, our home siding replacement service ensures that your siding is fully functional and looks as good as new. We are ready to protect your house from the next bout of stormy weather.

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Storms are great to watch and listen to when you`re warm, dry, and safe inside your home, but they’re less fun when they cause damage to your property in Edina, MN. Viking Contractors, LLC is here to restore your peace of mind and make sure your home is fully protected. Call us now at (612) 567-5522 or fill out our contact form to get started!

5.0 Rating Reviewed on

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