Common Signs of Hail Damaged Siding

Aug 3, 2018


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August 3, 2018


February 20, 2023

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With advancements in science and technology, the possibility of a hail storm can now be predicted up to three weeks in advance. While hailstorms do not happen regularly, the harm they cause is still very real – with billions of dollars in damages reported over the past few years. Needless to say,
hail damage should be taken seriously and repaired as soon as the storm passes. Even if it’s not immediately apparent to the naked eye, damage brought by hail impact may be detrimental to the structural integrity of a house, especially the roof and siding.


Signs of Hail Damage on Siding

It’s true that the roof takes the majority of hits from the hail onslaught, but other parts of the exterior can also be affected. To help with the assessment of hail damaged siding, here are some common signs to look for:

1. Dents, Cracks, Chips and Holes

Metal and wood siding are more susceptible to dents, while vinyl is more likely to crack, chip, or acquire holes. Dents are round and vary in size, but be wary of the smaller ones, since they can be harder to detect at first. Any irregularly shaped indentation may be indicative of impact from rocks or materials other than hail. High-resolution cameras are often used by restoration companies to check for dents and their sizes, but for an aluminum siding, checking when sunlight is indirect works just as well. Regardless of the material, siding should be checked at all angles. Any degree of damage calls for
hail damaged siding restoration.

2. Oxidation Marks

Oxidation is notorious for damaging aluminum siding. To check for oxidation, run your hands along the siding. Chalky residue and small dimples or bubbles are indications that your siding has been damaged. Many wash the oxidation marks off with a low-pressure hose, since a higher pressure may leave dents.

3. Water Damage

Although some water damage might be a pre-existing defect, siding or a roof that has been damaged by hail will exhibit water leaks at some point. Either way, getting
hail damaged roof repair services is the best route to take. Moisture that seeps through the roof or siding will cause the interior to deteriorate and will make way for even more issues.

These common signs are eyesores that decrease the value of any property, which is why they should not be neglected. Taking immediate action is necessary. Need help? Contact Viking Contractors, LLC at (612) 567-5522. We cater to homes and commercial properties around St. Paul, Rochester and Duluth, MN

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