3 Different Types of Storm Damage

Jul 27, 2021


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July 27, 2021


April 18, 2023

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effects of storm damage

Inclement weather can cause a variety of problems for your home, compromising the structure, stability, and condition of your house. Specifically, three different types of storm damage can significantly impact your home’s integrity, so it’s essential to know what they are and how they can affect your home.


Water Damage


Storms will often result in water damage in a home. Not only is this kind of damage common, but it’s also one of the more destructive types. When your home is hit with rapidly falling water, it causes what’s called “water intrusion.” This process is precisely what it sounds like—moisture trickles down into the foundation of your home, compromising its structural integrity.


A compromised structure is an issue of its own, but it can also lead to other serious complications, such as the threat of fire and mold. So if you suspect that your home has taken on water damage of any kind, it’s important to call a professional to assess and repair it safely.


Hail Damage


Hail can also cause considerable damage to a home. Most notably, it can significantly weaken your roof, breaking off chunks of shingles and roofing as it collides with your house. A couple of pieces falling off may not seem like a big deal, but if the hail can weaken your roof’s protective layer enough, it can lead to asphalt penetration.


Asphalt penetration often causes ruinous water damage and structural rot that compromises the protective quality of your roof, creating hazardous conditions for everyone in the home. So even if you feel that a hailstorm hasn’t done significant damage, it’s wise to have a professional roofer inspect just in case.


Wind Damage


Wind can result in some of the worst storm damage to your home. Even if a storm doesn’t bring hail, torrential downpours, and flying debris, strong enough winds can and will damage your home substantially. In addition, over time, strong winds can create stress points on your roof, weakening and compromising its structure.


Powerful winds can also crack and chip your home’s siding. It can even cause it to break off in large chunks and form holes in extreme cases. So if you live in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area and notice that your home has sustained significant damage, call our
storm damage contractors in Minnesota so that you can feel confident that your home is still sturdy and structurally sound.


Severe weather can pose serious problems for your home. Of all the issues that a storm can cause, there are three different types of storm damage that every person should know about to keep their homes intact and their loved ones safe.


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